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RAndM Disposable

Blow what you want with quality R&M disposable vapes at Simba Vapes

R&M is the brand name of excellence in disposable vapes and customization vape pens. Its exclusive hardware and best-tasting flavours are its recognition. It is popular for its high-end R and M disposable vape UK, which are prepared after extensive research. Moreover, strict quality control and assurance are the backbones of the high-rank achievements of R and M vape.

Buying an R and M Tornado will lessen the health risks by eliminating the hazardous chemicals of conventional cigarettes. It is a disposable vape that doesn’t require any maintenance and has a rechargeable battery hence the first go-to choice for vapers. It gears up the vaping experience because it frees you from mixing ingredients to get perfect throat hits. Once you finish the last drop of vape juice, throw it away because these vapes are not refillable. You can also stock up on your favourite R and M vape flavours in advance so that you may enjoy continuous vaping. For this, you can avail of the R and M disposable vapes wholesale UK at low prices. According to your choice, you may get up to 10000 puffs per device.

Vaping can be great fun with R and M vape.

 R and M tornado vape are designed to meet your cravings to the next level. The rechargeable disposable vapes enable you to delight in your vaping. You may get the perfect throat hit with its TPD-compliant E-juice. You can also enjoy the available choice for your nicotine concentration. The fantastic flavours and attractive and multi-hued appearance of the R & m puff bar make it more fascinating. Similarly, the clear-cut crystal design and RGB-led Light indications allow you to notice the E-liquid level left in pen.

Furthermore, R and M puff bars allow you to control and adjust the airflow for a suitable spout, which optimizes your vaping. With the maximum airflow, you will have smooth and cool vapours with less flavour or vice versa. It has caught the vaper’s attention due to its 8 seconds automatic lock to give you a worry-free vaping experience. So, grab your favourite R and M disposable vape in the UK now and blow it with us.

Get your favourite flavour of R and M vape in the UK.

A great battery with adequate nicotine concentration, controlled airflow, and tasteful flavours are all that you want in a vape. We believe in serving according to the customer’s suitability, and that’s why we admit the diversity in the UK’s vaper community. Hence we deal in the most luscious flavours of R and M disposable vape at our online store, i.e., lush ice, blueberry raspberry, Mr Blue, gummy bear, cotton candy and many more.

We are a proud wholesaler of R&M vapes in the UK with a vast range of tasteful flavours. Consequently, we wish to deliver the best aromas, so the mesh coil gives you the perfect throat hit and taste. Similarly, we offer Tornado 7000 in almost 30 flavours, whereas, Tornado 10000 in 25 and 9000 puffs in 20 different flavours.

R&M Vape Products

R and M vape is specialized in disposable vapes and has introduced rechargeable disposable vape pod kits and disposable vape pens. A variety of vapes get together under the umbrella of R and M disposable vapes UK with savoury flavours to get the best-ever vaping experience.

Our Hot selling R and M disposable vapes

With ample industry experience, we at Simba vapes understand our customer’s requirements. As service is our premium service is our acknowledgement, we have the best R and M tornado vapes at the most affordable price. With the quality, we assure you of the variety of products, and you can choose any of them. Some hot-selling R and M disposable vape UK are suggested here with a brief introduction.

  1. R&M tornado 7000 Disposable Vape- Gives you 7000 puffs with an integrated 850mAh rechargeable battery and sub-ohm mesh coil. An option to choose the suitable nicotine concentration is available within the prefilled 14ml e-liquid.
  2. R&M Tornado 9000 Disposable Vape Gives you 9000 puffs with an integrated 850mAh rechargeable battery and sub-ohm mesh coil. You may choose the suitable nicotine concentration available within the prefilled 18ml e-liquid.
  3. R&M tornado 10000 puffs Disposable vape Gives you 10000 puffs with an integrated 850mAh rechargeable battery and sub ohm mesh coil. The choice of picking up the suitable nicotine concentration is available within the prefilled 20ml e-liquid.

You can avail of any of our hot-selling R and M vapes at competitive market prices with quality assured. All the delicious flavours are offered within the £11.49 – £14.49. At the same time, our wholesale R and M vape prices are also affordable. For example, a pack of 10 Tornado disposable vapes of your flavour can be availed for £60 - £89.99.

Expect more & pay less at Simba vape UK.

We are one of the leading and authorized wholesale distributors of R and M vape in the UK. Our trade-on online shop stocks a wide range of disposable vapes and offers R and M vapes priced very economically. As a vape supplier, we are privileged to support small vape businesses. Our real-time updated inventory helps us with a smooth supply of R and M disposable vapes in the UK without delays. We aim to offer broad options, the best vapes, and an enjoyable customer experience. 

We offer live pricing, immediate delivery, maximum ROI and other perks. Moreover, we are a fully insured, licensed, bonded vape wholesale dealer and aim to cover your store’s needs honestly and reliably. While maintaining quality and satisfaction at minimal prices, our experts search to supply you with the right products.

We make ordering convenient and less time-consuming, and as a one-stop shop, we offer you the best products only a mouse click away. Furthermore, we have a clear delivery policy and offer our customers free and exclusively next-day shipping for orders above £200. Moreover, a 14 days return policy for faulty items reported within two days of receiving applies to all orders.  

Feed yourself with safety.

R and M disposable vapes are high-end, convenient and easy to use. Few of the vapes are rechargeable, and others are one-time non-rechargeable vapes. So, while buying a Tornado disposable vape, handle it carefully; you will need to charge it to enjoy the flavour and massive clouds. First, remove the plug by tilting the kit to 45o and remove the silicon plug by keeping the kit horizontal. Now tear off the sticker and let the kit stand for at least 2 minutes to avoid burnt flavour. Further precautions for using R and M rechargeable disposable vapes are:

  • It would help if you didn’t charge the battery with more than 1Amp current
  • Ever leave the battery to charge overnight
  • Charge your vape bar battery by connecting the USB cable to any USB, laptop or game console.



What is the charging time of R and M vape?

The usual charging time of R and M vape is approximately 2-3 hours, and you shouldn’t leave your vape battery for charging overnight.

How can I get the perfect R and M vape throat hit?

At Simba Vapes, we ensure the best quality ingredients. Nic-salts in the vape device will quickly absorb into your body and satisfy your craving. Hence we promise you that you will get the perfect throat hit.

Can I have extra puffs from R&M vape?

The number of puffs for any R and M device depends upon the style of vaping. If you are used to having short and intermittent draws, you may enjoy more puffs than the motioned amount. 

What is the delivery time outside the UK?

Usually, we deliver your products within 2-10 days for orders outside UK and Europe, depending upon the time consumption in custom clearance. 

What payment options are available at Simba vapes?

At Simba vapes, you can buy R and M vape wholesale disposables using any payment method such as credit card, debit card, or BTC. We can also amend our payment policy with mutual consent, though.

What additional benefits will I get after partnering with Simba?

When you choose Simba as your wholesale partner for R and M disposable vapes, you will enjoy the following:

  1. Original Products
  2. Reward points to avail the discounted prices
  3. 24/7 ordering and customer support
  4. Quick order system
  5. Maximum 2 days turnaround
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